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Special report from The Privateer - A newsletter I recommend.

As you will know by now, spot future Gold rose $US 21.60 to hit $US 701.50 at the close on Tuesday, May 9. This event was reported on CNNMoney.com under the headline: $700 Gold: Want in? Think Twice. On the surface, this is the normal type of stuff that the US mainstream financial media comes up with. They have to report it because it's news, but they structure the story in a way that they hope will dissuade most people from diving into the Gold market.

As we said, "normal", at least on the surface. But check out this story from exactly the same source, posted just under a month ago on April 11: $600 Gold: Want in? Think Twice. We strongly suggest that you print both these stories out and compare them. You will find that practically nothing but the numbers ($600 vs $700 as a Gold price) has changed. Clearly, the author of the two reports simply used the $600 Gold report as "boiler plate", substituted $700 for $600 in the $700 Gold report, and left the rest completely unchanged.

Please note that our Gold This Week commentary for April 14 - "Gold's Great - But Not For "Individuals" was based on this $600 Gold report from CNNMoney. What we said in that report goes double or triple for this new report, published less than a month later and with Gold $US 100 or 16.7% higher. This is very sloppy work indeed from the mainstream media. It will be interesting to see if they do it again at $US 800 Gold.


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